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your source for information about heart disease in dogs.

Did you know that dogs frequently get heart disease?

People are not the only ones. 10% of dogs have heart problems, too. Over time, heart disease can develop into heart failure. This website is being developed to help educate you, as a pet owner, about the disease and how to help care for your dog’s heart. We are dedicated to providing you with this valuable resource.

Come back soon to learn about:

  • Different types of heart disease
  • Dogs that are most at risk
  • Signs of heart failure
  • How your veterinarian can help
  • Tips for how you can help
  • How other owners manage their dog's heart failure

You should know that early diagnosis and treatment can help.

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Images: Facts about heart disease brochure

Facts about heart disease brochure

Read an overview of all the topics soon to be covered on this website.


Images: Heart disease awareness poster

Heart disease awareness poster

Learn the basic risk factors and signs of heart disease.


Images: Heart disease awareness poster

"Is your dog at risk?" questionnaire

Quickly assess your dog’s risk for heart disease.